Zero To Freelance Habit & Income Tracker

Zero To Freelance
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It's been said that what gets measured gets improved. 

The Zero To Freelance Habit & Income Tracker is designed to help freelance writers manage their client projects while building writing habits that make money. 

In other words, it's a MUST HAVE for freelance writers. 

This simple, yet powerful Google spreadsheet combines content management, goal setting, and income tracking into one location.

Content Management

Track your client projects as you move throughout the month, and be amazed at how much you get accomplished by writing even small amounts every day. 

Goal Setting

With the built-in Habit Tracker, you'll have the ability to breakdown large writing projects into bite-sized chunks by setting daily & monthly word count goals. 

Income Tracking

Input your income for each project, and the tracker will do the rest, calculating your total monthly earnings and your effective hourly rate. Ever wonder if your best client is the one paying you the most? Now you'll know. 

Screenshot of Monthly Habit & Income Tracker

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Included: 1 Zero To Freelance Habit & Income Tracker for Freelance Writers


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